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In the past, churches in various towns organized together to send ministers in circuits to preach the gospel in the vast frontier.  These traveling ministers on horseback were called Circuit Riders.

Circuit Riders Christian Fellowship Motorcycle Ministries (CRMM) was founded in 1986 by Edward “Doc” Louviere.  Present day motorcycle ministers of CRMM continue the powerful work by touching and changing the lives of people on the roads through the word of God.

Members of Circuit Riders must be established in a local church and have a desire to evangelize their community and serve as a representative of the local church in conjunction with the Pastor and leaders.

CRMM has chapters in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Wisconsin and a growing number of new chapters are in other states. It's mission is to minister to bikers and others who do not fit into "traditional" churches and to disciple men and women of integrity to carry forth the word of God in their lives.
Rev Red Beard
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