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Starting Chapters &   Riding Groups
If there are no Circuit Riders Motorcycle Ministry Chapter or Riding Group within 25 miles, it may be possible to start a new Ride Group.

Every Chapter starts out as a Riding Group for at least 3 months. It is a period of time to get to know what Circuit Riders is all about. After 3 months, if there are at least 7 members, the Riding Group may decide to become a Chapter.

Every Riding Group and Chapter has the spiritual covering of a local church. Circuit Riders is not an alternative to the church but an outreach of the church.

If you and/or the pastor of the local church are interested in starting a new Riding Group, contact Circuit Riders. A representative will call you and go over the preliminaries. A time will be arranged for a visit by Circuit Riders Motorcycle Ministry officers/ministers at which time a meeting will be scheduled to invite all interested parties. Circuit Riders ministers should be regarded as visiting evangelists and are available as guest speakers for church services. The prospective Riding Group or church will be responsible in providing for the ministers during their visit (comfortable sleeping accommodations, meals, love offerings, etc).

Minimum requirements are to hold monthly meetings, attend Circuit Riders annual state camp out and at least one officer attend the annual National Officers Meeting and annual state Officers Meeting. Also there is a donation of $10 per month per patched member of the chapter required to the operation fund.
Currently Chapters or Riding Groups in:
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