Casa Blanca
Casa Blanca is the name the Circuit Rider Mission House is known by along the Texas / Mexican border. At one time the house belonged to Pancho Villa. The mission home is the heart of CRMM. It is a tranquil location where you are able to slow down and really listen for God to speak to you. It is equipped with dorms, rv campsites, tent campsites and a commercial style dining facility. I think every Circuit Rider should visit Casa Blanca to really get familiar with the ministry they are a part of.
Rev Red Beard
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Casa Blanca
New!!! Brother Doc has felt the call to open the mission house to Circuit Riders that are going through a major struggle and need that tranquil setting to spend time with God. It is open to all CRMM members and there is no fee associated with it, just that you spend the time there seeking God's will for your life and or situation. Please contact Brother Doc for more information. 
Please send your donations to the operations fund to Ekklesia CR Ministries 5495 FM 514 Point TX 75472